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© 2016 High Vibe Retreats.

"...coaching, reflecting, chatting , sharing, laughing, journaling, massage and pampering. Reiki, yummy healthy local vegetarian food, and adventures into mountains, temples, snorkelling, diving, shopping and more. 

It was 10 days of bliss!"

“I had the honour of spending 4 days with Serenity on a High Vibe Retreat, and what I can truly say is that I have been blown away by my experience. Being around her is playful and exciting energy gives you a chance to reach for the stars, feel it, be it, and immerse yourself in the endless possibilities that await you. You wont get this from reading books, or studying philosophies, although they may make sense, and you may get what they say. 


Serenity’s brutal honesty is tailored to your life and soul, and then you are given the mirror, you can’t look at anywhere but at yourself. It is the most freeing experience, it is given in such away that you end up giggling and you realise that you must also not be so hard n yourself, rather be kind and gentle.


I am now the coordinator and a facilitator of High Vibe Retreats where I get to play and life is an adventure, where everyday is new. I get to help people realise their full potential.


– Katie, WA, (Feb 2016)

“I had a magical mini get away with Serenity in our splendid South West in February 2015. I have so much appreciation for the experience, her guidance and the heart energy she shares. It was a truly memorable weekend away for which I am truly grateful. As well as being relaxing, from the moment we arrived I felt my mind quietening and my heart opening.


Within a day and night I felt tension in my body dissolve and a shift take place…i can honestly say it was one of the most therapeutic breaks I have ever had. I encourage anyone looking for more peace, love and truth in their life to join the beautiful Serenity on HVR. To be fully in another space, the energy will take you by surprise, and you won’t look back! I am so excited for my upcoming retreat in Lombok and Bali.”

– Marie, WA, (Apr 2015)

“I just did a four day retreat and will hold it in my heart forever. I went to Bali/Lombok primarily for surfing but my High Vibes experience was the highlight of my trip. Serenity made it so easy for me and helped me to clear my mind and feel like my true self. I felt the warmth of the local people as I was welcomed in like a family member.


We trekked through luscious jungle to gorgeous waterfalls, feeling free. I never once felt rushed as Azmi would reassure me to “Take your time”, I felt like I had all the time in the world. Azmi’s energy and connection with Mt Rinjani allowed me to tap into the mountain spiritually and I have a profound appreciation for this. We rode our scooters through the mountains, took in the views and visited some locals in a town unfrequented by tourists.


All the while I felt appreciated and charged with energy, which I’ve brought home with me. Thank you so much Serenity and all the lovely souls who helped make it amazing xox”

– Jono, Perth, WA (Oct 2014)

“2 days and 1 night with Azmi and Serenity in the jungle was an amazing experience. What High Vibe Retreats has to offer is something that is very unique and will stay with me for a life time.


I feel so grateful for the time i spent with them and what i have taken away with me is worth more than money can buy. Thanks again guys, love you lots and will be back to see you again.”

– Karlee, WA, (Nov 2013)

“I had the pleasure of meeting Serenity and discovering HVR during a sabbatical I was on in Indonesia between 2012-2014.

Serenity was an inspiration, touching my heart and being from deep inside, and meeting her I was to discover none other than a lightworker with a difference that truly helped me to become aware of so many of my own strengths and abililities which lay within me dormant, hidden by my own limited patterns of belief as I sought to cultivate my teaching style from thought into awareness and action.
She is what I will describe as a gifted clairvoyant life coach who is deeply in touch with her spirituality and her culture in Indonesia.

With a effervescent fun way about her, she has eloquently integrated her powerful spiritual gifts into the transformational self development work of high vibe retreats and shambala rinjani. Through The purity and strength of the HVR and Shambala Rinjani you will discover a True Spiritual Sanctuary which will weave magic into the essence of your being with a special form of teaching.. one which is bathed in the sheer fun and enjoyment of being truly and fully human in the perfect backdrop of one of the most sacred places on earth."

– Richard Jones, UK (Dec 2014)

“I was warmly welcomed into a loving environment upon arriving in Candidasa and meeting with Serenity and the HVR team. I went on many adventures that went beyond my old condition patterns to experience an adventurous and soul fulfilling journey.


From riding on scooters and dirtbikes to trekking through the jungle to amazing healing waterfalls. From Candidasa to Lovina meeting with the locals and embracing there friendly smiles and warm hearts. Experiencing the true local foods freshly prepared from delicious organic produce and also the refreshing coconuts.


This retreat was truly amazing one in which I have had a profound transformation from old conditionings to new energy and upmost soul freedom. I would like to thank and I am so very grateful Serenity, Azmi and Mudi and the HVR team for this amazing journey and transformation."

– Deanne, Perth, WA (Nov 2014)