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Everyone attending a retreat can leave knowing not only did they help themselves, but they have also assisted a community in some way.

This is how the power of love moves, by sharing and caring.

Shambhala Rinjani

Home Stay and Restaurant

Set on 3 acres of property at the entrance to Taman National Park, 600M up Mt Rinjani in Lombok, Shambhala Rinjani Home Stay and Restaurant is funded, supported and sponsored by High Vibe Retreats.

With serene surroundings and incredible mountain views,

Shambala Rinjani is available for individual and group bookings.

An incredible location  to host events and retreats, with walking access to jungle treks, powerful waterfalls and rice paddies, Shambala is a great space to unwind and become familiar with the mountain and local Sasak Community.

Everyone involved with the facility is enthusiastic about reducing environmental impact and also support local language programs for both children and adults learning Indonesian and English.


 It’s a great place to chill, relax, practice yoga or meditation and grab some high vibes!! 

“Shambhala Rinjani is ideal for visitors who prefer to be away from it all and who may choose to spend a few days or more enjoying the mountain and surrounds. We offer a variety of programs, including trekking Mt Rinjani. With enough notice we are also happy to create a program specifically."


Cinta Kids for Kids

Kids for Kids is a self discovery and empowerment program for children. By exploring and strengthening their connection with nature, the children are able to develop their confidence and imaginations.


It is common in today’s society for children to experience anxiety caused by overloaded routines and increased interaction with technology.


Kids for kids helps alleviate stress and creates joyous environments for children to reconnect with outside play.


This program allows children to be able to move freely and explore, all while discovering the magic that nature has to offer. We empower all kids to embark on a journey of self-discovery

with an abundance of imagination and adventure along the way. 


Kids for Kids team leaders love and enjoy guiding and learning with children, and all find it deeply rewarding to see them evolving throughout the program, connecting with the community, sharing, creating, all while having life changing fun.

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