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Consultation with Serenity

Sitting with Serenity is a very personal experience. 

Her love communicates from her soul to your soul. She does not just listen to your words but to your soul.

For this reason she can guide and share with you ways to smash through your blockages and tear down the barriers that block your heart.


This provides an opportunity for you to breathe and gently step by step cleanse yourself of past pain, toxicity, fears and bad habits.

When Serenity works with you she sees everything, your past, present and all future potentials. It only takes the smallest positive change to create a brand new outcome, rather than the one you think may happen. You will feel different after your time with Serenity.


Her joy and excitement will be shared with you in your session.

Understand she can see beyond your current situation and circumstances. There is always a spark of light no matter how dark it seems. It is this spark that Serenity will ignite in a person who is ready for change.

When time permits, Serenity is available for 1.5 hour or 2 hour sessions.  She is also occasionally available for all-day bookings and individual retreats.  Her usual full-day consult fee ranges between $2000-$3000. 

Please connect with us for more information or to book a session and commit to change today!

“When I first went to see Serenity I was in a bad place, the worst place I had ever been. In all aspects of my life I was struggling. I’m not a sceptic but I had my reserves. The healing sessions had a big impact on me, bringing clarity, direction and peace that I am now enjoying.”


“I first contacted Serenity several years ago during a time of personal crisis and she has since become a valued friend and mentor. Her guidance is delivered with her trademark and humour that truly set her apart.”



“I have been a client of Serenity for three years now. I shudder to think where I would be if I had not made that phone call and gone to see her.I can honestly say she has saved my life with no nonsense and a brutally honest approach that has got me where I wanted to be.”



"I have been seeing Serenity for eight years as a spiritual advisor/counsellor. She has assisted me with the spiritual path I am on and the one I am heading towards"