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© 2016 High Vibe Retreats.


We provide a truth-seeking experience for those wishing to ignite their spirit and expand their heart.  Leave behind the hypnotic world of technology and materialism and step into the teachings of love, forgiveness and compassion in action.

Infect the world with love by opening your heart through compassion.  Living by the Beatitudes of Jesus to do to others as we would have done to us can change the world in which we live.  Bring light into a dark and dying world by igniting your lamp.

The power of prayers from humble hearts heals you and others along the way.  The joy experienced by others when you pray has such an effect where a stranger suddenly becomes a brother or sister through the connection of love.


Our journeys are set in nature.  They include an array of local healthy foods and juices always made with blessings, prayers and love.  You will change from the inside out.  Praying in nature and challenging your body on treks and walks reminds you to take one step at a time and discern your choices and what you need to do to sustain a healthy spirit.

Sitting together with local communities and our dear families is such a blessing and it reminds us why it is so important to give time to those we love and care about.  It also teaches us that sharing is an integral part of our healing. 


If you loved your experience with us and want to help with any of our projects then we would be delighted to have you on board.  We are always seeking volunteers that are strong in love, compassion and faith that can stand firmly in goodness and kindness.


We respect and honour all who choose to embark on the Pilgrimage with us and in return we expect the same from you.  If you choose to come along we will send you one of our info packs so you will be more prepared when you arrive at your destination.

High Vibe Retreats have Pilgrimages in Bali / Lombok, Sri Lanka and soon Nepal and expanding to all four corners of the Earth.

DEC 2018

A fun retreat designed especially for kids aged 7-11 years.
An opportunity for kids to form new friendships, learn and become more confident.  Let the fresh air and new scenes expand their minds and hearts on this unique retreat experience.

DEC 2 2017 - DEC 31 2018

Are you ready for a drastic change?  Have you had enough of repetition & stagnation? Change is a commitment to the unknown. Smell, taste, feel, see, become part of something new and wonderful by making new choices.  

OCT 2018

Put down your cell phone, move away from your computer, switch off the TV and bring the focus to you and what is hidden in the depth of your heart. Break your rules, routines and daily habits by coming on a magical mystery tour with us.


Shambhala Rinjani 

Kids 4 Kids


 "I am now opening and expanding continuously into new experiences, an abundance of opportunities are now being recognised. It is as though the blinkers have been removed..." 

"I encourage anyone looking for more peace, love and truth in their life to join the beautiful Serenity on HVR. I felt tension in my body dissolve and a shift take place…I can honestly say it was one of the most therapeutic breaks I have ever had."

"What High Vibe Retreats has to offer is something that is very unique and will stay with me for a life time. I feel so grateful for the time i spent with them and what i have taken away with me is worth more than money can buy."

”Snorkelling; hiking through the jungle to see, and swim, in waterfalls; swimming at deserted beaches; camping in the jungle; the best food I’ve eaten in years; the chance to see the beauty and feel the majesty of nature; meeting friendly and fun locals; the opportunity to play with kids and be a kid again; the time to learn about myself in a loving environment. What’s not to love?"

"I would definitely recommend HVR for a transformational FUN all round holiday. You will not be bored. You will interact with the true people of Indonesia, those who live a traditional life in their small villages as they have done for hundreds of years. It is a health retreat for your body and SOUL."

"Serenity made it so easy for me and helped me to clear my mind and feel like my true self. I felt the warmth of the local people as I was welcomed in like a family member. We trekked through luscious jungle to gorgeous waterfalls, feeling free. All the while I felt appreciated and charged with energy, which I’ve brought home with me."