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© 2016 High Vibe Retreats.

Healers' Retreats in Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Soul time is play time and play time is soul time

8 days / 7 nights

NEXT JOURNEY: 19th Aug - 26th Aug 2017

V.ibrate Higher with High Vibe Retreats - a special treat for healers and light workers. 
Limited to a maximum of 6 people to value everyone's energy

Facilitated by Serenity Wakeham, Inspirational New Energy Consultant, 5th Generation psychic, life coach, visionary

Healers from all modalities, come together with your light and enjoy a week of wonderful high vibes.  Come on a magical, mystery tour with Serenity and her beautiful Balinese family of healers, holy priests, chefs and tour guides.

Lighten up when you cleanse, purify and purge by getting your grumbles and gripes out on this amazing retreat.

Be immersed in a natural  jungle environment on the beautiful island of Nusa Penida, Bali.  Feed your heart, spirit and soul by combining nature, traditional music and dance, Gamelan and dance with the local children, breath-work, meditation, cooking classes,  sacred temples, beautiful group ceremonies, cave meditation, jungle, waterfalls, snorkelling and a special soul consultation with Serenity.

The price of this package has been kept at an energy-exchange of $2550 + GST as a special for healers includes:

  • Special soul consultation inclusive of universal healing with Serenity - valued at $300


  • Individual accommodation in a  beautiful, simple style built of bamboo in the peaceful and tranquil hills of Nusa Penida.  Ensuites are outdoor with Western facilities


  • 3 vegetarian meals a day for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

  • Daily young coconut juice or fresh juices with turmeric


  • All travel costs once arrived in Nusa Penida


  • Certification of Level 1 – Universal Energy Activation (For those who are interested)


  • Mystery tours for fun, laughter, adventure and to test your faith and trust in yourself

  • Activities of play and fun including :-

    • Cooking classes with locals to enjoy integration of hearts and to create a meal made of amazing love vibes

    • Music and dance to loosen up the body and release tension

    • Watching beautiful performances and musical talent of the local Balinese with their Gamelan (traditional music)


  • Invitation into sacred ceremonies which will allow you to connect with others in heart and open and expand your own heart frequency


  • Opportunities and activities to enhance your own intuition, psychic and manifestation abilities


  • Tools to assist you with your own journey in preparation for the New Paradigm (Google Greg Braden for more information on the new paradigm)

Regulated Items
As this program is all about cultivation of high energy this is an alcohol-free getaway.  Smoking is prohibited around other guests and our team.  No phones or technology is allowed as they are an interference to the electromagnetic energies. Cameras are allowed to be used when advised by our team. 

Touching the heart of humanity begins with us.

Leave behind judgements, expectations, complaining and drama.

Be prepared to release and let go of hidden, deep subconscious emotional blockages that prevent you from accessing your inner powers..

Experience a week of amazing  discovery, exploring your innermost calling. 
Map out your path to fulfil your purpose and passion.
Recognise your gifts and talents and how you can share them with others.

Together we will change the world!

About Serenity...

      Dates For 2017

  • 24th Jun - 1st Jul

  • 15th Jul - 22 Jul

  • 19th Aug - 26th Aug