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© 2016 High Vibe Retreats.

These are a few of our friends who provide us with the fantastic service that we are happy to be able to share with you...


Mudi of "Mudi Goes to the Mountain" is our main trek guide in Bali and Lombok

Lune Expeditions

Lune (Lhuna) runs his own trekking company in Lombok and also manages Shambhala Rinjani

Satu Tiga Resort

HVR stays at Satu Tiga Resort  in Gili Air because of the friendly amazing vibes and beach location

Anjan of Nepal High Trek

Nepal has a lot more than mountain climbing.  Anjan offers many tours

Padmi's Kitchen

Without a website or Facebook Padmi has a very basic kitchen in Bali.  She serves the most amazing organic meals sourced from the jungle.

Gunung Merta Bungalows

HVR stays at Gunung Merta Bungalows in Ubud because of the friendly, local staff and central location

Coconut VillageGuesthouse

HVR stays at Coconut Village  in Lembongan because of the friendly staff and our desire to support local business

Dodol Cliff Sunset Homestay

HVR stays at Dodol Lembongan Cliff Sunset  Homestay in Lembongan because of the friendly staff, great energy and amazing view

Nusa Alam

HVR stays at Nusa Alam in Nusa Penida because of the quiet, jungle environment and organic experience