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Answers to some of our more frequently asked questions


Q:  What if I get really upset or emotional and want to be on my own?

A:  We are all about people opening their hearts and reconnecting, so if you become upset we view this a sign of healing and releasing.  Everyone of our team will be there to help guide and support you in any way we see is best. 


Q:  What happens if I have an on going health condition?

A:  Before embarking on an HVR program you will be asked to fill out a health and fitness waiver/form.  We will take every precaution to make sure that you are looked after.  However it will be your responsibility to take any medication that you need on time.  If you have any injuries it's very important you let us know and we can take extra measures to make sure you can enjoy our adventures.  If we need to give you an alternative program to accommodate your injury we will do so.  HVR is about experiencing realities and energy so it is impossible to miss out.  Serenity is fantastic at her job and incredibly in tune.  She will discuss with her fellow facilitators and guides what is best for you.

Q:  What happens when I return home?  Will I forget everything I have learnt?  I am really worried about this as I have done different workshops and retreats and I find that everything goes back to the way it was when I left.

A:  The difference is that Serenity has spent more than 20 years working as a Clairvoyant, which she doesn’t do any more, however she is great at detecting the deep-seated subconscious blockages.  Even though you are not aware of it, through this brand new program these blockages have a really good opportunity to start dissolving, changing your atoms and biology enough to allow the energy of our universe to penetrate your DNA.  Everyone is different.  Our job is to assist in re-balancing.  You will choose how much healing takes place based upon your choice as to how much change you are ready to make.

Q:  What about the wet season in Bali and Lombok, will we miss out on tours and treks?

A:  HVR has taken in to account the changing weather patterns.  Many of our activities are as much fun and life-changing in the rain as in the sun, as it is more about the energy and attitude.  In fact some programs are more alive and fresh with the rain.  If for any reason the rain is torrential we always have a card up our sleeve with a wonderful back up plan and another activity.

Q:  How will I learn about the New Energy and what to do?

A:  You won't learn about the new energy, instead you will feel it and you will experience it.  Each guest has their own unique experience that is special and personal.  This is a time of transformation and letting go and it depends on for what you are ready.  It is a time of gentle reflection and forgiveness for yourself and others.  You will be encouraged to trust yourself and understand discernment. This will be your greatest tool upon returning home.


Q:  Do we get to discuss our problems?

A:  HVR is not a program to look at and dissect your past and problems.  That is a job better suited for psychologists, councillors and  psychiatrists.  We do the exact opposite.  We are there to hold your hand and take you on a path that your “Soul” has been yearning for called “Freedom and Liberation”.  This is an opportunity to let go of your past once and for all and discover your true beauty and power.  We are very passionate about this as it will change not only your world but the world around you.

Q:  What should I bring with me?

Day-pack / small backpack
iPod / MP3 player
Head torch (hand torch if preferred)
Mask, snorkel, flippers
Trek shoes suitable for wading and trekking in jungle - trek sandals are popular
Socks (in case sandals rub when wet)
Band aids / blister treatment
Medication for diarrhoea / constipation
Any medication you may require
Antibiotic wipes
Mozzie spray
Own toiletries
Sun screen
Long-sleeved shirt / light jacket / blouse for sun protection while riding
Modest shorts, trek pants
Modest t-shits ( sleeves, no profanities )
"Good" casual clothes in case of "night out"
Warm clothes for evening
Waterproof bag for clothes
Waterproof bag for electronics / camera

Q:  Will I need to be physically fit?

A:  Anyone participating in an HVR program needs to have a certain level of fitness.  We have catered for all levels of fitness and one of the reasons our programs are versatile and flexible is so we can make spontaneous choices to alter or change programs for certain participants. We make sure they have a comfortable activity that suits their level of fitness. With HVR we are tuning into the essence of your being.  If we feel that you have the capacity to do something, yet your past programming/ego is resisting, then as your facilitator or guide we will gently coerce you into the activity.  Many of our clients have gone beyond their limits as they were so immersed in the experience and having so much joy and fun they didn’t really register what they had accomplished until after the event.  All care is taken to protect you, however it is also part of your learning to know you are also responsible for yourself.