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© 2016 High Vibe Retreats.

High Vibe Retreats is a vessel to promote the formation of global connections between individuals and communities

for the growth, expansion and higher good of all.


High Vibe Retreats is a unique travel company, providing package tours with the aim of enhancing our hearts in compassion and love.  Tour packages contain exotic locations, exciting adventures and rejuvenation, as well as healing activities and humanitarian action.

Each retreat is a guided experience and an opportunity for transformation, discovery, exploration of our hearts and learning how to heal through prayers.  Participants are invited to go beyond their comfort zones and through prayers, begin to understand the power of faith and trust through discernment of spirits.

High Vibe Retreats is focused on embracing the unknown, overcoming limitations and rejuvenating the emotional, spiritual and mental well-being of all participants.

Our programs are flexible, spontaneous and versatile.  They cater for anyone that is a truth-seeker of love, compassion and forgiveness.  Away from the matrix mind we seek a deep inner peace that is everlasting and is able to stay with us in these times.

Personalised Retreats are available upon special request.


High Vibe Retreats is a vessel to promote the formation of global connections between individuals and communities for the growth, expansion and higher good of all.

We aim to make the world a better place through the power of connection. Our retreats connect communities in need with helping hands; connect participants with the world around them and each other;  connect everyone involved with joy and a sense of purpose.


High Vibe Retreats is guided by a deep symbiotic relationship with local communities, mother-nature and wild life in all the areas we travel.


HVR is gradually moving globally and in every destination we sponsor locals who move with integrity and respect for the planet and their own community.


"I am driven by the need for positive changes.

Since 2013 I have been building community projects in Bali and Lombok.  Together with members of the local communities we have created wonderful platforms for retreat programs that assist in bringing guests back into their hearts. One of my projects is Shambhala Rinjani, a space at the base of Mt Rinjani in Lombok.  Over the next few years it will become a center for anyone coming to Lombok that would like to be part of a global movement to help bring about  peace without barriers.

There is so much suffering on our planet and so many lost souls committing suicide.  It is for this reason I have created High Vibe Retreats.  I want to find any way I can to help bring the love, joy, excitement and richness back into people's hearts.  Good people can become bad and bad people can become good.  What I am saying here is we can all become good when we finally say enough is enough and choose to strive for a better world.   There are people who can help you and you can also help them.  We all have innate gifts that can be shared, most of all we can all learn how to become creators instead of victims.

I have many unique gifts that I use in the way I deal with my clients and guests, but the biggest gift of all is that I truly care.  I have my loving heart and I walk the talk and practice what I preach.  I am human.  I get annoyed and angry, just like most people.  This is mostly at the frustration of seeing a world that is on the edge of disaster if we do not wake up and become honest with ourselves and each other.

With many spiritual, religious and energy practices out there in the world we never know what it is we are investing in.  Well I can tell you that your time spent with us not only helps you, but it also helps the world.  It can be no other way,  as my richness comes from doing all I can to build bridges and relationships with each other without agenda, other than for each of us to find our way home to our hearts.

As the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding".  You will find on your journey with us, new friends and also a way to be a wonderful part of a wonderful world.

Blessings and I truly look forward to meeting you."